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Adventure Recaps

A Festival to End All Festivals

Ismark thinks Vallaki may keep Ireena safe, but once in town, the adventurers have their doubts.
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Dream Pastries…with Tea

The adventurers decide to confront the hags at the Old Bonegrinder, though Strahd has plans for Pansy.
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Into the Woods

The adventurers learn what it will take to defeat Strahd--and it's going to take a lot.
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When in Barovia

Having survived the Death House, the adventurers encounter some Barovians in need of help.
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At Death’s Door

The adventurers finally find out what is behind the ghostly chanting; the experience gives Lil terrible flashbacks.
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Broomsticks, Cabinets, and Ghosts, Oh My!

A routine room check turns Torgin's world upside-down; Magnus's attempt to save him results in a discovered secret.
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Of Mists and Monsters

Four adventurers are walking in the woods when a dark mist transports them elsewhere.
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All the Rhymes and Ditties

All the made-up stuff in one place...
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A Tribute to Kohkou

A playlist for the beautiful steed stolen from Magnus by the devil Strahd.
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Adventurers’ Theme Songs

Magnus chooses theme songs for his fellow adventurers, as well as himself.
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Everything Else

So This Happened Two Years Ago

Before there was Lil, FrizFraz kicked some serious butt as Annie.
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