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One of TKB Trading’s new products is the TKB Mousse Medium, which is the focal point of four liquid eye and highlighter kits: TKB Beach Life Eye Shadow Kit, TKB Mermaid Liquid Highlight Kit, TKB Ocean Deep Eye Shadow Kit, and TKB Seashore Eye Shadow Kit.

Packaged Kits

What's Included

The Beach Life Kit includes:

The Mermaid Kit includes:

The Ocean Deep Kit includes:

The Seashore Kit includes:

The Beach Life Kit is a little different from the other 3 kits in that you get an extra Mousse Medium sample (4 total), and plastic squeeze tubes rather than glass/wand tubes.


Liquid Kit Process

TKB has provided instructions for its kits here, and it’s very simple and easy to follow. I do have some notes, though.

With the Beach Life Kit, you empty a Mousse Medium sample bag into a seal top bag. With the other 3 kits, because the tube will only fit 5ml of final product (compared to the plastic tubes’ 10ml), I would use only about half (or slightly more) of a Mousse Medium sample bag, or else you will have a lot of extra product.

Then, you add around 1/2 teaspoon of color (this came to around 1 gram or so), seal the bag, and use your hands and fingers to mix the insides well.

Swatch, and if you like your liquid color to be more pigmented or thicker, keep adding more color. I ended up using 2 grams or so per color, since I like my liquid shadows to be more pigmented and thicker. But I would definitely recommend going through this process, instead of, say, deciding that you’ll be using all 2.5 grams of another pigment (like I did at one point) or else you may end up with a shadow that’s too thick. Of course, that could be fixed with adding extra Mousse Medium. The Beach Life Kit comes with one extra Mousse Medium bag, and you should use less than an entire Mousse Medium bag for each color in the other kits. Note, though, with the Mermaid, Ocean Deep, and Seashore Kits, if you do add in more Mousse Medium, you could potentially end up with more product than can fit into the tube. I did end up with extra product, which I stored in 5-gram jars.

Also, if you’re using the Mermaid Kit as a highlighter, you may want to add less color to start, though even a thicker mousse like mine nevertheless blends out quite nicely.

When done mixing, cut a bottom corner of the bag and pipe into the provided container.

Beach Life

Beach Life Kit


Mermaid Kit

Ocean Deep Kit

Ocean Deep Kit

Seashore Kit


These TKB kits were extremely easy to work with.

And now, I’m in love with the Mousse Medium! TKB already provides a lot of ideas on how to use it, but I also want to experiment with using it as a binder for my pressed shadows. If you have loose shadows sitting around, you can also mix them on a palette with the Mousse Medium for your look of the day; you don’t have to commit to a whole jar or tube, just use it on the go.

I’ve mostly used TKB for ingredients other than color pigments, but that’s about to change, because some of these pigments are absolutely out of this world. I really loved how pigmented the True Coral/True Blue/True Green colors were from the Beach Life Kit. I have plenty of those pigments left to make pressed shadows, too.

The Mermaid Highlight colors were also gorgeous, and serve nicely as iridescent toppers. So were the glittery Seashore colors, though I found they were most flattering on me as toppers. By themselves, they didn’t look as nice on my 40+ skin.

Because I like my liquid shadows on the thick side, from a utility standpoint, I preferred the plastic squeeze tubes from the Beach Life kit. It’s harder to pick up thicker shadows from inside the glass tubes using a wand; it’s much easier to just squeeze out the product. The glass tubes do look classy, though, and would probably be my choice of packaging if I were planning on selling the end product.

These kits are a great starting point to test out how the Mousse Medium works with different types of color pigments: colorful matte pigments from the Beach Life Kit, iridescent/interference pigments as highlighters from the Mermaid Kit, dark shimmery shifters from the Ocean Deep Kit, and glittery, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate-based pigments from the Seashore Kit. They are also a great way for you to determine which packaging you prefer: a squeeze tube, or a glass tube with a wand.

I’m addicted to the Mousse Medium now, and I’ll definitely be buying more of it to play around with! 

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